Dragon Track’s Back, ALRIGHT!

If you didn’t notice the “Backstreet Boys” reference in the title you might have a hard time keeping up with this blog, but even if you didn’t…you are definitely going to have a hard time keeping up with Dragon Track this season. The track team had their first competition today across the Red river at NDSU. The field events started at Noon and the races at 1:00 p.m.

In case you were not around last spring, Dragon men’s track
and field team won both the indoor and outdoor NSIC championship last year. You can read all about in my blog post : MSUM Men’s Track – It’s whats for Dinner!

Junior, Heather Schultz open up the day by making it to the final shot put
finals with an impressive 13.09 throw with a 7th place overall finish. Then, the
Dragon high jumpers killed it too. The Dragon high jumpers placed 3rd through 7th place at the meet today.

At last years outdoor NSIC championship competition, the Dragon men scored 162 points, topping second place St. Cloud State by 57.5 points. Minnesota State Mankato placed third with 94 points and Augustana (S.D.) rounded out the top four with 78 points. The guys were not competing… they were putting a free clinic of how to dominate sports to the other schools in the conference.

And…Just like last season, the Dragon men were back at it. Seniors Laquone Robinson and Uchenna Ogbonnaya, and juniors Skyler Jackson and Derek Bredy qualified in the 60 meter dash. The after that, Uchenna and Bredy provisonally qualified for Nationals in the 60 meter dash by taking 2nd and 3rd.

I can feel another GREAT Dragon Track season upon us, and another NSIC Championship on its way.

Follow Dragon Track on Twitter at #DragonTrack and on Facebook at Dragon Track & Field

Download this weeks – Dragon Cast: Halftime New Break

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Nemzek Noize Fan Bus to St. Cloud

By: Communications Coordinator; Billy McDonald aka @BillyJMcDonald

Join Nemzek Noize as we travel to St. Cloud State to cheer on the 13-1 No. 16 in the Country men’s basketball team & the women’s basketball team on Saturday, January 21, 2012! The bus leaves at 12:00 p.m and will be back at about 11:30 p.m. Last years trip was a great time and we are looking to top that as we blast St. Cloud with a Noize they’ve never heard on their home court!

St.Cloud is probably the some of the men’s and women’s biggest NSIC challenge this year . We could use all the support we can get from our Dragon fans. This ought to be a BIG SHOW DOWN!!!

There are only 59 seats available so get your ticket quick!
Tickets will be $10. It’s a coach bus… It’s very nice!!!

Click here for more info: http://ow.ly/8i61N

We will be selling the tickets at games and have a table set in the CMU (those dates and times to come)

Nemzek Noize was honored with the Student Organization of the Year Award last year at the Student Organization Awards Ceremony. This award reflects the commitments of an organization to not only provide services to MSUM and the surrounding communities, but places emphasis on organizations which promote projects leading to the betterment of the organization and its members.

“Nemzek Noize is a student organization that supports and cheers for the sports of Dragon Athletics, and Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference. Nemzek Noize mission is to put forth our best effort to get fans to the games, and keep them there to support the student-athletes, coaches and all other supporting staff. Go Dragons!”

Learn more about Nemzek Noize at: http://www.facebook.com/nemzeknoize

Got more questions? Email them to Nemzek Noize at: TheNoize@mnstate.edu

Follow Nemzek Noize on Twitter at @NemzekNoize

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Happy 2012 Dragon Fans

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By: Communications Coordinator; Billy McDonald aka @BillyJMcDonald

Happy 2012 Dragon Fans,

I just wanted to take a moment of your time to tell you all about some GREAT things happening on campus and athletics to kick off 2012! Complete game schedules and event info can always be found at MSUMDragons.com.

Also start planning for GO PINK with the Dragons on February 3rd. Nemzek Noize will be all geared out to support the cause. Please contact TheNozie@mnstate.edu for more info.

On February 25th, The “Fill-the-Fieldhouse” event is being held, where we will look to break the attendance record again and TONS OF PRIZES will be given away. After the game Dragons After Dark will be held in Nemzek. The Dragons will be playing Wayne State and Valley Imports with be giving away FREE $5,000 vacation for two during the halftimes of the games. (Details Below)

Valley Imports and Dragon Athletics will be qualifying fans at every women’s game and men’s game for our “Valley Imports Vacation Giveaway” of a lifetime! From now until February 19, 2011 Dragon Athletics will be qualifying 60 people to play for a vacation to one of five location of
a retail value of OVER $5,000, to one of the following locations:

Also, be sure to start your NEW YEAR right by following the Dragons on our varies social networks:

Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Google+ | FourSquare | LinkedIn

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What’s your New Year’s resolution?

By: Communications Coordinator; Billy McDonald aka @BillyJMcDonald

Please leave a comment of what your New Year’s resolution is for 2012 at the bottom of this blog.

It’s that time of year when you say, “I am going to start eating right after the holidays, start working out and not procrastinating so much.” Normally, we make these absurd goals based off the coming New Year. We call them “NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS”.

My New Year’s Resolution is to run the 10 mile race in the 2012 Dragon Fire Walk/Run for Athletics on April 28th. This is a lofty goal, but once upon a time, before I was a intern or a student employee I use to run for “FUN”. How absurd is that?

I always say I am going to get back into it, but 400 two-dollar Taco Bell meal deals later I haven’t gotten around to it. All that aside, 2012 is my year. You know what though? It could be your year too. I challenge you to join me. No, you don’t have to run the 10 mile with me, but their is a 5k, 10k and a partner 10 mile option as well. below is the course for the 10 mile run.

Plus it is all for a good cause, because it is one of the largest fundraising events to raise money for athletic scholarships for Dragon Athletics athletes. So, it’s time to register for the 7th Annual Dragon Fire Walk for Athletics! The event is scheduled April 27-28, 2012 at MSU Moorhead.

Click HERE for Online Registration Information
Make it a family thing if you want. The Youth Fun Run will be held Friday night on the Nemzek track at 6:00 p.m. ~ before the spaghetti dinner and opening ceremony in the Nemzek Field house. Then we’ll rise and shine on Saturday morning for the Dragon races (5K, 10K, 10 mile and 10 mile two-person relay) starting at the Alex Nemzek Stadium. A youth activity area, photo booth and other entertainment for alumni and friends of Dragon Athletics is planned for this fun-filled event so don’t miss it!

Some Tips:

I am using this one. I even added each days workout and American Ideal’s episodes to my Google Calendar.

You need the right MUSIC people: http://mobile.grooveshark.com/
I don’t own a iPod, because I am a full-time student, haha. So I use this App to hand pick my music for my Android cellphone…or you can just listen to “Eye of the Tiger” on repeat.

Get some new shoes. You always want to run more if you have new shoes. At least for the first week those shoes will lace themselves. My uncle bought a new pair of high heels, and I here about him running around town all the time.

Don’t convince yourself you need a break. You had a break, it’s called the last three years and the BK wrappers on the floor of the passenger side of your car. Besides, think of how great it will feel to not have to lie to both your friends and family that “Your not usually this messy” or “I don’t eat out that much” when you give them a ride.

ALSO, EAT RIGHT!!!: http://caloriecount.about.com/
Here is a top-notch site to managing your diet. It tells you calories, expectations, calories burned, weight management and sends you an email on your birthday.

Stay out of the Kitchen after 7 p.m. We both know whats going to happen if you are in the kitchen after 7 p.m… you’re going to end up eating past the point of no return. You know that point when you’re like “Well, I already messed up. I suppose I’ll just keep eating and get back on the horse tomorrow.” Truth is… the horse is nowhere to be seen the next day. The horse thinks this is a stressful relationship and can’t take you coming back with tomato sauce on your collar. The horse is Facebook official with someone else…

Get a partner in crime. Get a friend, brother, sister or mailman to join you in your goal. Accountability, will keep you when you can’t. If you are on Twitter, follow my progress at #Dragon10Mile2012

More Event Info:

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New Assistant Coach Hired for MSUM Dragons

By: Communications Coordinator; Billy McDonald aka @BillyJMcDonald

Every year I make the same list for Christmas:

      1. A Full-size Cotton Candy Machine

      2. To be 3” taller

      3. To be a Jedi

      4. The Dragons to go UNDEFEATED in EVERYTHING

      5. And for my Mother to figure out the Internet, so she’ll stop calling me about “Bookface”.

I realize I will never get a cotton candy machine because it would totally suck to get the nickname ‘Sticky Fingers’ at this stage of my life. I doubt the growth spurt is possible, and even if I did grow, I’d still need a ladder to fight my boss. Being a Jedi still scares me a little because I think I’d cut something vital off with an actual light-saber. And to be completely honest, my mother is never going to figure the Internet out, I mean she still hasn’t mastered sarcasm.

This year I just know Santa is going to give me an UNDEFEATED Dragons Men’s Basketball season for Christmas. HOW DO I KNOW THIS? Head Men’s Basketball Coach Chad Walthall just hired another assistant basketball coach he believes will help the Dragons remain unbeaten throughout the holidays. His name is Santa Clausaka Kris Kringle or as they call him on the hardwood, “THE STOCKING STUFFER.”

Don’t let Santa Clausfool you; he can dunk more than just cookies in milk. Santa is a flat out baller. He used to wear number 25 when he played at North Pole University. When delivering presents he still relives his glory days by slamming the presents down the chimney just like the old days. He even rocks a cashmere red suit that would make Dwayne Wade jealous.

Currently the Dragons men’s basketball team is 9–0 for the season… including a beating Division I NDSU on November 1st (which was an early present in itself), cross town rival Concordia College, and the nationally ranked #14 Augustana Vikings.

Head women’s basketball coach Karla Nelson also added the big fella to her staff to push her team into the playoffs for the 12th straight year and help her get that 200th win!

Kris Nelson added the big fella to his staff to help coach the heavyweights on how to throw their weight around.

Swimming and diving coach Todd Peters had Coach Claus step in and showcase his team the tricks of over 2011 years of technique experience.

And finally Keith Barnier added the cheery chum to his staff to share his motivational skills. The guy gets an army of elves to crank out toys with precision and efficiency…why not hurdling, vaulting, throwing, sprinting Dragons?

This addition comes as no surprise to Athletics Director Doug Peters.

“He’s the best of the best, and everyone loves him. Just from a recruiting standpoint, there’s no one who knows what he knows,” said Peters.

We’ll see what Coach Claus brings to the plate for Dragon Athletics, but one thing is for sure, the plate will be clean, the milk will be gone, and Red and White will be smiling.

Official Press Release

Coach Bio

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Dragons vs. Cobbers, Tomorrow Night @ 7:30 p.m.


By: Communications Coordinator; Billy McDonald aka @BillyJMcDonald


The Dragon men’s basketball team plays OUR BIGGEST RIVAL on Tuesday, November 22nd at home at 7:30 p.m. That’s right #DragonMBB is playing Orville Redenbacher and the boys across 8th street at Concordia College in “The Battle for 8th Street”, which is an annual match-up between MSUM and Concordia. However, this year there is a little more at stake because of the Dragons HUGE upset over NDSU on November 1st where the Dragons defeated the Bison in double OT 90-84. So now it’s not a battle for Moorhead…It’s a battle for all of Fargo-Moorhead.

NDSU beat Concordia this year on November 6th 90-48. So I don’t expect this to be a challenge, but I didn’t think that NDSU was a challenge either if you refer back to my NDSU predictions (Red River Battle: MSUM Men’s Basketball vs. NDSU). That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fill the stands to watch the Dragons roll over those corn stalks like a combine. Besides if you were here for last year’s “Battle for 8th St.”, MSUM lost to the Concordia men 83-76. We want revenge.

If you are a freshman or unfamiliar with why Dragons and Cobber’s don’t see eye -to-eye let me explain it to you. Moorhead is ours. There is only one place in all of Moorhead where a Dragon and a Cobber are both welcomed…Taco Bell on 8th St. Both symbolic and physically, 8th St. is the great divide between the two colleges. Other than Taco Bell, that is on the neutral ground of 8th St., the two student bodies do NOT hangout in the same places.

Oh and of course those dreadful beanies. Like little lackeys, Cobbers walk around looking to earn the respect of their peers by humiliating themselves for the first week of their undergraduate career by wearing what looks like a smaller dunce hat. At MSUM, the minute you enroll you are a Dragon, an equal. No dorky headgear required.

I feel no remorse for the loss coming the Cobber’s way Tuesday night. The Dragon men play Concordia at home on Tuesday, November 22nd at 7:30pm.

But…. Come watch Dragon men’s basketball team hosts their second game of the season this Saturday, Nov. 19 at 7:30 p.m. against the Mayville State University (N.D.) Comets.

Facebook Event: Dragons vs. Cobbers

Go Dragons!

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‘Nemzek Night’ Yo! BBall Opener Host Pizza and Pool Party

By: Outreach and New Media Intern; Billy McDonald aka @BillyJMcDonald

Preview Sports Information Story

On Tuesday, Nov. 15th at 6:00 p.m. Minnesota State University Moorhead Student Senate and school spirit group, Nemzek Noize will be having the annual “Nemzek Night” in Alex Nemzek hall to celebrate the opening of MSU Moorhead’s women and men’s basketball season.

MSUM Student Senate will provide root beer floats. The festivities start off at 6:00 p.m. for the women’s basketball game against Valley City (N.D.), and they will continue through men’s game at 8:00 p.m. vs. Valley City (N.D.) as well. Then following the men’s game there will be a pool party for all to attend.

A pizza party for the members of Nemzek Noize will take place between the men’s and women’s game. Dragon Athletics will be giving away free shirts from our sponsors at Smashburger located over on 45th St. across from Union State Bank in Fargo. Also, be ready for ‘Tweet that Tune’ during both the men’s and women’s games; where we play four seconds of a popular song and the first person to tweet the correct artist and song title to @DragonAthletics wins a gift card to the MSUM bookstore for $25.

In Addition to all the actives taking place, Valley Imports and Dragon Athletics will be qualifying two fans at the women’s game and one fan at the men’s game for our “Valley Imports Vacation Giveaway” of a lifetime! From now until February 19, 2011 Dragon Athletics will be qualifying 60 people to play for a vacation to one of five location of a retail value of OVER $5,000, to one of the following locations:

  • Las Vegas
  • Disney World in Orlando
  • New York City
  • An Alaskan Cruise
  • Jamaica

“Nemzek Noize is a student organization that supports and cheers for the sports of Dragon Athletics, and Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference. Nemzek Noize mission is to put forth our best effort to get fans to the games, and keep them there to support the student-athletes, coaches and all other supporting staff. Go Dragons!”

Facebook Event: NEMZEK NIGHT! Basketball Home Opener!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this event please email Nemzek Noize at: TheNoize@mnstate.edu

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Trick-or-Canning with Dragon Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC)

By: Outreach and New Media Intern; Billy McDonald aka @BillyJMcDonald

Sophomore #DragonSoccer Victoria Hoffman goalie and member of the Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) sent out this tweet earlier today.My first thought was … “SAY WHAT????”

I mean, 307 lbs. To put some perspective on how much food that actually is, consider Minnesota Viking professional center John Sullivan. John Sullivan weighs 301 lbs.So SAAC collected Jon Sullivan and a baby.

Trick-or-canning is when you get dressed up and go trick-or-treating, but instead of collecting candy, you ask people to donate canned food. The members of SAAC spent their evening in the Fargo-Moorhead community collecting food donations for the Dorothy Day Food Shelf.

In-between classes, mid-terms, practice and games Dragon student-athletes found time to share the Halloween spirit. However, this comes as no surprise to me. SAAC has always been very active group at MSUM. Athletes from all 14 teams are represented on the Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC).They have executive board meetings weekly to enhance communication and understanding between student-athletes and the university as a whole. In addition, SAAC looks to volunteer and give back to the local community and support positive growth in our area.

In 2010, SAAC raised over $800 for the Make-a-Wish Foundation through a Penny War between the athletics teams. The event helped promote awareness of the NCAA DII’s charitable group partner as well as provided more camaraderie and competition between the teams.

“Our Student Athlete Advisory Committee has done an outstanding job of incorporating community service into everyday life,” said MSUM Athletic Director Doug Peters. “The effort these young men and women put into helping others is very humbling. Words cannot describe how proud I am to be associated with them.”

Way to go Dragons!

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Red River Battle: MSUM Men’s Basketball vs. NDSU

By: Outreach and New Media Intern; Billy McDonald aka @BillyJMcDonald

Join us to cheer on #DragonMBB aka the Dragon Men’s Basketball team as they play ndsu on Tuesday, November 1st at 7:30 p.m. at NDSU. Purchase your $5 discounted ticket (normally $10) in advance at the MSUM Athletic Department, Nemzek 134. Call 218-477-2622 or 477-5824 for more information.

I would like to see 100’s of MSUM students at this game to support the Dragons. This will be the men’s first game of the year. I can fit four in my Kia plus me. Anyone need a ride? Seriously lets SHOW UP to this game. Then we can talk trash like “Get on my level” and “You don’t know bout dis”.

My dislike for the green and yellow came almost immediately after receiving my acceptance letter to MSUM, which I contest that it was actually signed by President Edina…by hand. The combination of green and yellow turns me into a DRAGON like RAGE. Do not disgrace me or my beloved campus with that tacky green and yellow.

Seriously, If I buy a bag of M&M’s and the first pieces to come out are green and yellow, I throw away the bag and buy a new one.

I think its safe to say that I like sports and I like to talk about sports. However I don’t want to hear about the bison. I could careless; unless they lost at something…then I am all ears. Recently everyone wants to talk about how the bison beat the Gophers. So…? Everyone is beating the Gophers. That’s like bragging about beating my grandma in arm wrestling…when she was sleeping. So congratulations bison, you did what 10 other teams will do this year. WOW!!!!!

I made a Facebook event for the game: MSUM Men’s Basketball vs. NDSU. If you have bison garbage, please donate it somewhere and go the MSUM bookstore. Don’t wear anything that makes you look as if you are from the wrong side of the river. You’ll want to look super fly for the game dressed in RED!

You’ll never guess whom the men play on November 22nd at home at 7:30 p.m.? That’s right Orville Redenbacher and the boys over at concordia. “The Battle for 8th Street” deserves its own blog, I will keep you post’d.

Go Dragons!

Facebook Event:

MSUM Men’s Basketball vs. NDSU

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"The Russian Nightmare" Nikita Koloff

By: Outreach and New Media Intern; Billy McDonald aka @BillyJMcDonald

A lot of amazing things happen at Dragon Homecoming. One of the greatest parts of Homecoming is the interaction between current students and Alumni. This Homecoming I got to meet a very special MSUM Alum who I’d seen a long time ago during my childhood. I met retired professional wrestler Nikita Koloff. I never thought he and I would have so much in common.

Nikita Koloff is easily one of the greatest MSUM alums of all time. Koloff was a professional wrestler for the better part of two decades in the once great World Championship Wrestling (WCW), but before he was “The Russian Nightmare” he was a 275 lbs., 6 ft. 2 in. football player for the Minnesota State University Moorhead Dragons back in the late 1970s.

Now I don’t know about you, but I was a huge professional wrestling fan as a child. There were two major providers of professional wrestling back in my day, WCW and the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). I would watch hours of them each week. I remember standing on a chair in the bathroom just to draw a mustache on my face before my Dad got home from work so I could watch wrestling like a man. I always thought that my Dad was a secret professional wrestler. After all, he did have the mustache and mullet while he walked around in the house in his underwear.

Koloff was born on March 9, 1959 in Minneapolis, Minn. He grew up not knowing his father and desired nothing more than to be a professional football player. However, due to two major injuries, Koloff was unable to complete his football career with the Dragons.

After college, Koloff kept his mind set on football where he intended on trying out for USFL. In a moment that would write the amazing tale of Nikita Koloff, “Road Warrior Animal” called him in a request that Koloff might become a professional wrestler.

From there he found his way into the WCW. He was brought into the National Wrestling Alliance by his “Uncle” Ivan to prove Soviet superiority. Their ultimate goal was to dethrone NWA World champion Ric Flair.

Now my first encounter with Koloff was when I was five years old. I was sitting in my living room doing my usual body slamming of one of my sisters as I had seen on TV. It then when Koloff came on my TV, but this time as a character know as “Babyface”.

Babyface came to save Sting from an attack by the Dangerous Alliance. I hated him. Why? Because Sting was a bad guy in my world, so this Babyface guy was basically destroying my life. I began to scream at the TV, and my mother sent me to my room. However that was at the end of Koloff’s great career.

My Father was a big professional wrestling fan when he was a kid. So after Koloff left the press box I gave my father a call. I asked him, “Do you remember a Nikita Koloff?” It was as if he was 16 years old again (For the record I was “too cool” for wrestling when I was 16, but to each their own).

My Father could have told me Koloff’s favorite type of food to his sneaker size. He told me about this time Koloff squared off with my father’s favorite wrestler Rick Flair “The Nature Boy”. I did a little research and it appears that particular match was more than an un-faded memory to my father but also a landmark point in the young career of Koloff.

Koloff really got his launch when he went against NWA World Champion Ric Flair at The Great American Bash 1985 on July 6. Koloff lost to Flair and was even attacked by a fan during the match, but he established himself as a superstar in the wrestling business.

I think that everyone plus my grandma remembers Ric Flair “The Nature Boy”. I remember as a boy that I hated him with passion of a 1000 sun’s or as long as I could keep the TV volume down so that my mother would not see me up so late and send me to bed.

Koloff retired in 1993. He became a born again Christian, where he travels the world telling his story and ministry. He has written three books, “Breaking the Chains”, “Wrestling with God” and “Wrestling with Success”.

On July 15, 2006, Koloff received the Frank Gotch Award from the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame at the International Wrestling Institute and Museum in Newton, Iowa for contributing to the positive public image of wrestling.

So, be sure to make it to next years Dragon Homecoming…you never know who you might meet.

Go Dragons!

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